Why Us?

At the Meier Family Organic Farm, you become part of the family the moment you arrive at the farm.

Here is what one wwoofer had to say about his time at the farm with us: "I've been so lucky to have had so many unique experiences within such a short time; you all have truly rekindled my soul".

Frankly we are the lucky ones.

Volunteering and Wwoofing

at the Meier Family Organic Farm

Experience Nature

At the Meier Family Organic Farm you will have plenty of opportunity to get close to nature. Preserving the environment while farming in a responsible way is our focus. From getting your hands dirty in the garden, cooking, baking and canning with organic produce, making soap and more, helping to sell our products at the local Farmer's Market and our Farm Store, feeding animals, cuddling baby goats and watching the herd on their daily sunset walk to driving a tractor for hours in our fields and more, you'll never be bored here.

Become part of the

Farm Family

When we say 'Farm Family' it includes not only Farmer's Rosemarie and Hans, who live on the farm, their son Dan and daughter Rita with grandkids Juliana and Jacob, but also all those who are living and helping at the farm, past and present. As a Wwoofer you become part of that Farm Family! We have made many beautiful and lasting friendships over the years.

Languages spoken in our household are German and English, with German being the main language spoken among family members. You will have your own private bedroom for yourself and your travel companion should you come together, and share the bathroom and living areas with the family. As a result much time is spent talking and laughing together. In the afternoons we have some rest time following lunch, a 'siesta' if you like to relax, nap or call home, before finishing off the day's remaining chores. We also try our best for you to experience the area.

Is this the place for you?

If you are excited to learn, willing to work and help, and most importantly have a great sense of humour we are looking forward to hearing from you. Apply through Wwoof Canada or send us a message via our contact page. Tell us a little about yourself, what experience you have, if any, and why you think this is the right place for you.